It is already mid-year and Akothee is reminding all those whose new year resolution was to get married in 2019 that time is running out.

Basically, she is saying if you’ve been dating and he is not showing any signs of commitment please stop wasting each others time.

She goes on to mock the girls counting down 5 months for us to see their husbands.

If you promised to get married in 2019 , you have 5 months to go , let no one waste your time 🤔🤔🤔🤔 show us your husband b*tch we are waiting

Akothee has been on the low for quite some time now and last time when it was man talk, people were calling her out for being in her ex’s and baby daddies lives.

She called them out saying people should live their lives because she knows what she is doing. Just because they broke up doesn’t mean they should have bad blood.

Her baby daddies are very active in her children’s lives. We have seen them come home to spend birthdays with their children and gift them big.

‘You’ll be fine mama’ Rue Baby assures Akothee after her prayer request

Akothee hasn’t shown the man she is set to get married to and so people on the comment section are asking her to do the same. Though she had not announced any plans in regard to that.

So this is a wake up call to those who mentioned this is their year to walk down the aisle.

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