Adelle Neck Piece
Adelle Neck Piece
Adelle Onyango is all about surprising us with fresh ideas and concepts and we love every bit of it.

Last month, she announced that she was starting her own clothing line, Anyango Capsule Collection, dedicated to her late mother.

"2 years ago I had the idea of designing a capsule collection in honour of my late mum, Mary Anyango Onyango. A powerful, limitless and strong woman.

A collection of timeless pieces that would bring attributes of my late mum to life. So I collaborated with 4 creatives to achieve this and over the next 4 weeks we will reveal one item and one creative per week."

Last week, she teamed up with Nairobi Apparel District and created a beautiful Jacket that is serving all sorts of power because her mother was powerful.

Well, this week she has teamed up with Olive and Annie and together, they've brought to life a beautiful necklace that represents strength, in honour of her mother's unending strength.

"I’ve unveiled the latest #Anyango chain - STRENGTH/NGUVU which is in honour of my late mum’s never ending strength!

It’s a collaboration with @oliveandannie who have a brilliant story behind them!"

You can order your chain by calling 0739364673 || Ksh3500. You can also watch the making of the jewellery on Adelle TV.