Kwambox and Obinna

In today's Morning Kiss with Kwambox and Obinna, they revealed that China Square is once again open, but there is a catch.

Obinna shared that after all the turmoil that took place before, the business has restricted people from taking photos.

China Square must have felt that this would help it manage its day-to-day duties without much disturbance.


In the back-and-forth conversation, they both appreciated the return of the joint and were excited to see what new things it has to offer.

Obinna even joked about being able to find a wife at the place, but who knows, with everyone going there you just might.     

"If you want a wife, China Square," Oga Obinna. 


The spot blew up due to its well affordable products and thanks to TikTok but was closed shortly after.


China Square would be flocked to the point of no parking leading the mall to close its gates.

According to the owner of the joint, Lei Cheng, the place would make at least 10 million on a bad day, yes a bad day. 

"The business is barely a month old. On a bad day, we sell goods worth Sh10 million," Cheng shared.


Unfortunately, there after a number of issues arose, one of them being the Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria wanting the place closed down, and blaming Fred Matiang'i for issuing permits to Chinese traders.

Issues of insufficient security, till shortage, misleading statements about the business were also among the reasons as to why the place closed down indefinitely.

With China Square's everyday increasing traffic, security would have had to be beefed up over time.

More tills to avoid the long lines, this was one of the warnings you would get had you ever decide to visit the place.

The Kenyan government and the Chinese community in Kenya came to a truce after a statement was released by Kenya Chinese Chamber of Commerce approving its opening after a few discussions.  

“The Kenya Chinese Chamber of Commerce welcomes the good news on the resumption of operations of China Square following several engagements between the Kenya Government and the Chinese Community in Kenya to find an amicable solution to the stalemate,” Kenya Chinese Chamber of Commerce voiced. 

When the news of the place being closed broke out, those of us who had not gotten a chance to experience it know how we felt.

This time I have my shopping bag ready, you?  

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