Raila Odinga at DCI headquarters.
Image: Enos Teche

The morning show on Kiss FM featured a hilarious conversation about a guard barring ODM leader, Raila Odinga from entering the DCI headquarters where Fred Matiang'i was being questioned.

"There was somebody in that video that saw a long day, the soldier. From the inside he was given instructions to not open the gate," explained Kwambox. 

Nobody was allowed to go in, not Raila, not his supporters, not the media, and they were banking on the soldier to courageously deliver this message. 


"You could tell that the guy was nervous," Kwambox continued.  

They could not fathom what the poor guy must have gone through being sent back and forth to say "no" to a prominent figure. 

"Baba, they have said I tell you we don't have the keys to the gate," Obinna joked around.


As much as this is outright funny, can you imagine being sent to tell a celebrity, a prominent person, or a person more senior than you that they cannot access a place or attend an event?

Where some of us come from we cannot even say no to our mother, and the one time we tried, well, we all know how that went.     

The two were following up on the story of Matiang'i refusing to record a statement at DCI yesterday.

The former Interior Ministry CS has is being accused of conspiracy to commit felony, publication of false information, and pilfering.

According to the dictionary pilfering is stealing, especially in small quantities.

Even at his most silent moment, he got a lot of support from his lawyers and Raila Odinga.  

The soldier and Matiang'i being in a tough position reminded the hosts of another person who was caught in the same web recently.

Maxine Wahome, Kenya's foremost female rally driver has been charged with the murder of late boyfriend, Asad Khan (which she denies), and is awaiting her day in court. 

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