Thunder storm
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Kwambox and Obinna advise on how one can avoid being struck by lightning.

This is after two football players passed on in Kisii after they were struck during a match. 

On a Saturday evening two teams, Manyansi and Nyagiti were having a friendly match when 20-year-old Sammy Musa and 21-year-old Joshua Nyangaresi got struck by lightning.


Kwambox shared that if you hear thunder scatter, find shelter, not under a tree, indoors. 

"Never find shelter under a tree," Kwambox voiced. 

Trees are tall objects and the quickest way for lightning to reach the ground.


Even though they are not good conductors of electricity, the human body is and you will be the best subject for the current to pass through.

Stay away from ponds, lakes, rivers, and water masses, and find your way to the shore as soon as possible if you can.  

Yes, you guessed it right, water is a good conductor of electricity.

Even when you are indoors avoid water at all costs, this means no washing dishes, clothes, the house, or taking a shower. 

If you are always looking for excuses to avoid these chores then this is it.   

Another way to avoid being fried by lightning is by staying away from electric fences. 

Lightening does not need to strike the fence for it to cause an effect.

When thunder occurs it automatically increases the voltage of an electric fence, therefore, making it more dangerous than it already is. 

Well, for those protecting their properties, this is a plus.    

"If you're in groups separate," continued Kwambox.

This is to reduce the number of people getting hurt if by any chance thunder hits the ground.  

When indoors it is also best to avoid electric appliances, lightning can travel through electrical systems. 

Do not use items that are plugged in, washing machines, blenders, or vacuum cleaners. 

It is also advisable not to lie down on concrete floors. If you have wires that are lying around electricity can pass through them.  

Regardless condolences to the families of the players.

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