Kwambox and Obinna
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In today's morning Kiss, the hosts Oga Obinna and Kwambox asked a very interesting question, 'Why did you leave that ex?'

The reasons why one would walk out of a relationship will get you a lot of different answers, some of which are valid and some of which will have you laughing. 

"There are some things you just have to let go of," voiced Kwambox.


She brought up a very interesting observation that when you break up with someone that is when you notice they are not cute anymore.


Is it that you do not find them cute anymore or are you just bitter?

Obinna for the boy child shared that for guys this is not the case, the babe does not cease to be pretty because it did not work out.  


"Guys don't do that, we just say she was something smart but it is okay, we move regardless," he explained.


But what are some of the reasons that could make you leave someone?

"That one ate a lot, everything and anyone," said Obinna.

He wondered why some ladies usually feel like dying when they think of their ex.

"Personally I don't feel like that, I'll just be like, yeah I took one for the team," he mentioned. 

He continued by explaining that there is always that one person a guy dated that even their friends do not know about because if you know you know.

"Cover the face fire the base," Obinna himself. 

He went on to add that women that aren't the most attractive are normally the ones who tend to be very fertile.

That wasn't all, the funnyman said that beautiful women tend to have issues bearing kids and mused that many handsome men don't have kids.

I think that some date for looks and some go for personality, for others, it is all about the money.  

But is it wrong to say even if you are going for the personality we still want someone that is easy to look at?

Methinks that at the end of the day, you need to date someone that meets your standards of beauty...Ama?

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