Kwambox and Obinna

In today's morning Kiss, Oga Obinna opened up about his fear of being electrocuted by the shower.  

This conversation started when Kwambox was advising those who struggle to wake up in the morning.

We all know those who have gone through this, we have even tried seeping early "ikikataa imekataa".   


She explained that taking a shower in the morning is the best way to get in a good mood. 

"Take a shower in the morning, especially a cold one," Kwambox said. 

This is where Obinna goes ahead to open up about his fear for showers. 


"I am afraid of the shower," he said. 

His intrusive thoughts have him thinking that he will get electrocuted every time he is to take a shower. 

"Every time I get into the shower I know today is the day," he explained. 

He narrated a situation where he once had to take a shower at a lady's house and he missed being mildly shocked by chance.

When he walked out of the shower the lady asked him "which shower did you use?"

Yes, it was the one he was not supposed to use.

The lady then urged him to be using the other one for the one he used is faulty.

She termed him as a lucky man for not feeling even the slightest tingle through his body. 

Obinna continued by saying that that is the reason why he wears slippers to the shower and always makes sure that a shower mat is present.

Kwambox gave him guidance by saying one should be aware of where you buy shower heads from to avoid small shocks. 

In addition to this, she shared that one should get a well-equipped person to install the shower for you.

Avoid trying to install the shower for yourself, it is okay to pay for inconvenience.

Cheap is expensive at the end of the day.

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