Chito and Obinna react to Shakilla's insane dowry demands

Ksh 19.8 million, 100 camels, a shopping voucher of Ksh 530k

Obinna and Chito
Image: Instagram

Today morning Chito and Obinna were shocked by socialite Shakilla's dowry and dating demands. 

To start off Chito reminisced about the time when Eric Omondi had a reality show where he was looking for a wife and the socialite was in it.

He then said ever since then she has been up to something. 


Chito also explained how she recently got exposed by a Tanzanian model, Calisah, for her DM rate charges which are $50.

The model shared screenshots of his DM where Shakilla can be seen begging for his attention.

"Us guys we are in shock," said Chito.  


Obinna then revealed the socialite's dating demands; 

Down payment of about Ksh 40k, must use nothing less than an iPhone Promax, pick up car must have a chauffeur, be a good photographer, they must meet in a 5-star hotel. 

One of her last demands Obinna gave was that the guy must pay for her makeup and outfit.

"She isn't coming to see you looking like a brother," Obinna mentioned.    

He then continued to narrate her dowry demands.  Ksh 19.8 million which Obinna stated are two Range Rover sports. 

100 camels that had the duo questioning what one would do with 100 camels. 

A shopping voucher of Ksh 530k with the current economic state.

Obinna then went ahead to say that the lady also expects a real estate property under her name.

A Range Rover because she is not destined to be walking around.  And finally a monthly allowance of Ksh 198k.

"If the relationship does not work out do I get a refund?" Chito questioned. 

Chito was surprised by the way Shakilla selected the numbers and wondered which criterion was used. 

"Ladies look at yourself how much dowry are you worth?" asked Obinna.

In support of Obinna's question, Chito urged Kenyans to look at the person they are dating and rate how much they think they are worth, as well as how much they think they are worth themselves.  

He then voiced that it is the elders who decide the dowry of the women in their community and that they can even give you away na bei ya jioni. 

"She has made dowry demands to God knows who," Chito stated. 

He then explained how the term "socialite" has changed over the years.

The original definition of a socialite is a rich person who would host parties but in Kenya, a socialite is one with a nyash.

Rate yourself, where do you see yourself on the dowry spectrum?

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