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During a conversation with Kwambox on Morning Kiss at Kiss FM, a man said that he had supposedly left his wife because she couldn't cook.

However, the woman makes an effort to go to the Kibandaski, buy food for her husband, and give it to him anytime he comes over or is nearby.

The issue is that she continued to offer Kibandaski food every day even after they moved in together.


This brings us to the subject of the day: "Ladies, do you cook on a daily basis?"

Although I don't feel the need to cook daily, this does not mean that I should never prepare food. It's vital for me as a woman to know how to cook so that I don't have to eat out all the time.

What if my usual supplier is unavailable on one of the bad days or I am unable to afford Kibandaski food? Just since I can't cook, I can't let myself go without food.


Cooking also reduces certain expenses because it is inexpensive and accessible.

Many listeners, judging by their opinions, are opposed to the idea of women never being able to cook.

Today, and especially in this generation, we are too preoccupied with our studies and aspirations and neglect to develop the fundamental abilities we need.

Here are some of the listeners' opinions regarding on ladies who don't cook;

Caller: If a lady can't cook, what else is she supposed to learn?! If a lady doesn't know how to cook I would instantly break up with her.

Caller: It is understandable a lady can't cook things like chapatis but foods like ugali, rice and stews, i wouldn't accept that. The man did the right thing leaving her.

Caller: As a lady, I don't understand how you can't cook totally. I don't even love food from Kibandaski.

Mamamish@Mishmaina: Fi mi I cook daily basis But for the boiled cereals I'll go for kibanda compared to the work boiling these cereals brings But I can't buy food that has been karangwoo

Akugizibwe blessing@Akugizibwebles2: Seriously in 2023,Cooking everyday may not be a possibility especially for the working ladies, if home food is what you desire get a household and let his babe cook over the weekend,you won't die food is food, that's the problem being raised in abject poverty or by grandma's.

Vivianne Bakhita@viviannebakhita: Kibandasky food daily??total turn off even me I would leave..I cook every single day I mean it's good food!