Chito Ndhlovu
Image: Instagram

On Morning Kiss today, God's child Chito Ndlovu talked about a dilemma that was happening between Brayo and Kevo-both who apparently met a billionaire.

Meeting the billionaire is not the issue here, the issue is that they asked for different things which brings us to the dilemma.

The thing is that Brayo asked for money while Kevo asked for work as the Morning Show host narrates.

To be honest this is the first time I have seen Kevo make a wise decision.

Asking for a job is probably the best thing that you can ask for because it is like a lifetime investment unless the billionaire gives you enough money to be invested in something or start a job which is not likely to happen.

That aside, let's go to today's topic of the day, if it was you what would you choose?


'Brayo na Kevo met a billionaire, and each asked for a different thing. Brayo asks the billionaire for money while Kevo asks for work. If it were you, what option would you choose and why?'

Judging from Kiss FM listeners seems like everyone agrees with my opinion, go for the job request.

Here are some of the comments;

Kwemara blessing@Akugizibwebles2: Good morning definitely asking for work, it gives me an opportunity to learn a few billionaire money-making skills, giving one money that lacks knowledge how to multiply it, certainly its going get squandered, they didn't have it before implying no idea on making or investing it.

MC TONJE@mc_tonje: A billionaire might not give you money., there's a high likelihood. Now I'll ask for work because I have skills and I'll charge expensive. Now, I'm gonna get money more easily than anyone else.

Carlosian Kheed@KheedCarlosian: I better ask for work. Good morning from Ukunda Diani.

Lavender Agutu: Money juu job wanadai certain qualifications au certificates the time umeendea hizo certs zako s/he will be gone .

David Chiriswa: Any job is money, so why look for a job! Money money money money sabuni ya roho!

Brian Kemoi: I’m Brian i choose money already. Money will by me work.

Nyambura Lucci: It depends with the amount of money or the kind of job he would give you if it's actually a paying one.