Chito and Kwambox discussed their thoughts on Pastor Kanyari going live on TikTok on the morning show.

Chito shared how he (Kanyari) gifted another TikToker with Sh50k while Kwambox joked that it was an ushering to the church.

She continued by saying that the pastor was looking for a wife on TikTok and was surprised to learn that he pays Sh350k per term for his child's school fees.

She revealed that she is a bit concerned about people offering him money.

Chito suggested that the money was for the house of the Lord, while Kwambox questioned if the pastor was the Lord and joked that he was the second comedian after Pastor Nga'ng'a.

Chito shared that Pastor Nga'nga was casting out demons in a foreign country, while Kwambox said that people might think he is speaking in tongues when he speaks Kiswahili.