During an interview with Chito and Kwambox, musician TID revealed that he is currently working on a new album.

Chito and Kwambox warmly welcomed him and Kwambox mentioned that he hasn't been in Kenya for 8 years.

However, TID corrected him, saying that he has been passing by frequently as he works with Kenyans and considers Kenya his second home.


When Chito asked if we should expect a new project from him since he mentioned working with some Kenyan artists, TID confirmed that he is indeed working on a new album.

Kwambox was glad he mentioned Arbantone artists, and TID clarified that he had been misunderstood by bloggers who had twisted his words.

At the same time, TID said that he is working on an album together with his band dubbed Top Band.

“We have reunited with my other brothers and we have a new track called Wali Nazi that is already out as we work on the album,” he said.

TID also noted that he  was happy to be in Kenya.

TID also explained the circumstances surrounding his viral video ‘Who is this guy’ that has put him on trends for weeks.

TID mentioned that he was busy doing an interview when a bodaboda rider passed by triggering him to call out the rider.

He added that he was under a tight schedule of doing interviews back to back and he felt like the incident was about to mess up with his plan.

He also clarified that it was never a planned thing.

“That was a real situation, we were from a radio Interview then another blogger tried to interview me. And you know in life sometimes some coincidences cannot be avoided.

Like that incident, someone on a bodaboda interrupting your interview and it really pissed me of. I was trying to make a point. I have new music and I have every reason to tell people but the passersby don’t see that,” TID said in part.

Asked on whether he expected the said video to trend he replied; “It’s not something I expected but sometimes God works in mysterious ways. At the of the day I’m here and it looks like everybody wants to have a piece of that,”.