Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On Thursday May 16th on the Drive Show, Xclusive recognized the day as International Day of the Boy Child.

He recommended that the boy child should be bought presents to celebrate their day.

“Mwalimu do you know what day it is, yes it’s the 16th and I want all the ladies to listen carefully if you are in the office ama umetoka class I want you to buy your significant other a present, buy boy child a present because today is international boys’ day,” Xclusive said.

Mwalimu Rachel was surprised since she wasn’t aware of it and she went on asking Xclusive why men and boys don’t make as much noise as ladies do during Mother’ day, International Women's Day, and Girls’ Day.

Mwalimu cautioned Xclusive not to try and accuse women of forgetting their day since men should be at the forefront of making their day known. Mwalimu went on and said, “We should have been seeing posters online by now, messages on the radio, you people don’t even know your day.

According Xclusive he blames the second lady since she said she would stand with the boy child and voice out matters concerning them yet she didn’t.

Xclusive went on to pose a question to Mwalimu; “You being a young mum who has a very young boy, do boys still want to grow up to be the things we wanted to be when we grow up.”

In response to Xclusive’s question Mwalimu responded by saying “Jayjay told me when he grows up he wants, first of all, his very passionate about gaming, so he wants to be a professional gamer okay. There are very many things in his portfolio.”

“He wants to be a gamer, he even saved up to buy himself one of those interesting gaming keyboards.”