Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show, Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, engaged in a talk over the trending story of President Ruto’s US tour where he took along Kate actress and Eddie Butita.

“The President of the Republic of Kenya has gone to the States okay, remember earlier in the month there were reports that he was supposed to meet one Tyler Perry in Hollywood and there was a lot of excitement about it.

"I just came to see some of the people who are good to join him is one Eddie Butita ambaye ni director, CEO, his an actor as well, comedian pamoja na Kate the actress,” Xclusive said.

“Nikashindwa hii funkie ikipangwa, kwa sababu I do not know why I was not called even if you cannot take me I wish they could have taken one Nyashinski because he was not able to get visas for the rest of his crew and had to cancel his US tour.

According to Xclusive, he is wondering why the Ministry of Sports could help them as a way of supporting Kenya's creative industry.

In response to Xclusive’s opinion, Mwalimu Rachel said it could be a disadvantage if you have an entire team and their papers are not in order it could affect you indirectly.

“Sijui ata kama watu wake labda ata unaeza mtu hakuwa a passport tuanzie nayo sai ndo anaanza kuapply mambo ya passport, the government is not going to be lenient on you because you are an artist unless you have proper documentation,” Mwalimu Rachel said.