Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive engaged in the trending story about NACADA’s orders to bring down all billboards promoting alcohol near schools.

“My question is this, the first point of contact for our children nowadays kuona pombe isn’t in our own houses kwa ile cardboard umeeka pale 18 years, 27 years,” Xclusive said.

Xclusive posed a question to Mwalimu Rachel if it’s really going to help because according to him he goes to kids' parties where adults drink alcohol. 

Therefore, the kids get to see it even before they see it on the billboards.

“I think everyone has their part to play, so Nacada is doing their part as they should in making sure the advertising doesn’t lie in the eyes of the young ones sawa, but we also need to do our part, kama ni machupa zako mizinga utazifungia kwa bedroom then that’s what we need to do,” Mwalimu Rachel responded.

According to Mwalimu Rachel some of this parties we go to, we have to leave our kids at home to avoid exposing them to alcohol and other things that are above their level.