Kerry Martin and Kwambox
Image: courtesy

On the Morning Show today, Kwambox and Kerry discussed whether one can be happy being a goat wife or a second wife without making a big deal out of it.

According to Kwambox, she can’t allow her man to have a second wife because she is the jealous type.

“Hee mimi hio sijui sana unajua mimi am a bit psycho like even if we are dating and you look to the side to open the door for her hee!, why are you opening the door for her, unless she doesn’t have hands, then I can say enyewe you are doing a good deed,” Kwambox said.“

She added; "But huyu dem akona mkono zake, mbona unamfungulia mlango, sitaki ata kuargue hio story, that's hypothetical inani irritate.”

One of the fans commented and said sometimes its fan being a second wife since according to her a second wife receives all the love, and attention.

She added that the needs for a second wife are always addressed just in a snap of a finger compared to the goat wife.