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Kwambox and Kerry interviewed Kenyan musician Mejja and one of the topics they talked about was his new music and dating life. 

During the interview, Mejja disclosed he is currently seeing someone.

According to Kerry the video that Mejja posted concerning King Kaka’s event, there was a lady who was asking why she hadn’t gotten an invite to attend the event.

“Unajua hio series ya King Kaka, video yenye Mejja alipost ilikuwa ni dem anauliza mbona yeye hajapata invite. Ukisema lazima tucheze chini,” Kerry said.

Kwambox went on and asked Mejja how long he had been dating the lady.

In response, he said they have dated for close to one year and some months.

Kerry wanted to know how the star had managed to keep his relationship private.

He mentioned that since he has been posting all his previous relationships and they didn’t go well he has opted to keep his current relationship away from the public.

Also, Mejja gave his opinion of muguka and he said he doesn’t see any harm in it as long as it is not sold to school-going kids.