Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On today's Kiss morning show Kwambox and Kerry interviewed Willis Raburu.

They went on to ask his opinion on whether Arbantone can be trademarked like his title “BAZUU”.

“With what you did with 'BAZUU', can it be done with Arbantone as well?” Kerry asked Willis.

“I think that’s why KIPI exists, but I think you can only say something is yours when you’ve gone through the process, because for you to go through the process, you go to KIPI and say this my feedback and this is the reason I want to trademark it,” Willis said.


“Then after that you put your logo, your name because there is something called image and likeness and you say what it stands for from your definition, so you put all that down and then KIPI gives a 60 to 90 days window just in case someone else owns it.”

According to Willis, if someone hasn’t trademarked their title they don’t own it and anyone can use it as well.

So the only way to make it official is through having a certificate that justifies it is legally yours.