Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On the morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, they had an interview with environmentalist Liz Wathuti concerning matters of conserving the environment.

“Is there a simple thing that someone can do and you actually feel good about helping the environment,” Kerry asked Liz.

In response, Liz said “Actually I think we should definitely find joy in protecting the environment. You know if you are planting trees you should find joy because it is not just the tree we are planting it is a seed for the future.

“You know if you are plating a fruit tree is going to bring out fruits maybe to the kids or community around there, simple things like separating your garbage. How do we ask ourselves as Kenyans how do we contribute to the flooding in our country,” Liz explained.

“You drink water, you take that plastic bottle and throw it out and the next thing when it is raining it is in the drainages, it clogs and all the cars are floating. So we still contribute in one way or another to the degradation of our environment.”

According to Liz, it is self-consciences to be responsible for the environment and dispose your garbage properly.

To prevent polluting the environment in one way or another.

Also, Liz touched on deforestation in the city stating that there are more buildings than trees so people should find a way to strike a balance to have a safe environment.