Principal Secretary for Livestock, Jonathan Mueke
Image: Instagram

Jonathan Mueke, the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, shared key initiatives to ensure milk safety for consumers on the morning show with Kwambox and Kerry.

He underscored the crucial role of the Kenya Dairy Board in educating both farmers and consumers about safe milk production and consumption.

Mueke explained that the Board conducts extensive awareness campaigns to teach farmers proper milk production techniques.

“We emphasise the use of machines where possible, and when not, we stress the importance of maintaining clean hands during milking,” he stated.

He pointed out the importance of using appropriate containers for milking, recommending stainless steel over plastic, as plastic can harbour bacteria even after cleaning.

Mueke also advised against the direct sale of milk from farmers to consumers.

Instead, he urged farmers to channel their milk through processors or cooperatives to ensure it is properly tested and safely packaged.

“These measures are vital for preventing illnesses, as farmers are integral to the milk supply chain,” Mueke said.

For consumers, Mueke highlighted the Board’s efforts to raise awareness through various platforms, including farmers' field days, social media, and mainstream media.

He encouraged consumers to purchase processed milk that has undergone rigorous safety checks.

He announced an upcoming Farmers' Field Day in Meru County, inviting both farmers and consumers to participate.

Mueke also highlighted the nutritional benefits of milk, noting its provision of calcium and potassium for healthy bones and teeth, and its role in preventing stunted growth in children.