Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On yesterday's drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, the pair discussed a confession by an MMU student who had a crush on her lecturer because he's "so cute."

"My name is Christine, and I've heard how you guys want udaku from campuses. Heeh! So recently, we got a new lecturer, and he's damn fine. All the girls are drooling over him, and he even drives a German machine. Sasa nikisonga hiyo sector kuna shida kweli,” Christine said.

Mwalimu Rachel advised the girl, "Pita nayo bwana, pita nayo lakini usitoke bure, toka na grades, toka na pesa, toka na gari."


Xclusive, however, cautioned against it, stating that as a student, Christine should not engage in a romantic relationship with her lecturer as it is against work ethics.

"Amesema kuna lecturer who amekuja and he is fine, and you are telling her asitoke bure," Xclusive asked Mwalimu Rachel.

Mwalimu Rachel responded, "If you are both consenting adults, is there really a rule against you having a relationship with your lecturer?"


"Yes," Xclusive answered.

"I think you just don’t have to be open about it, it is like the work environment," Mwalimu Rachel said.

Xclusive further explained that even in a work environment, engaging in a relationship can lead to losing one's job.

"Ata work environment kuna place zingine, cheza cheza hapa uanze kutongozana uone, utaenda nyumbani," Xclusive told Mwalimu Rachel.

"Unataka kurudisha Caroline from retirement akuje kuchukua place yako, don’t joke bwana."

Xclusive also pointed out that the lecturer being good-looking, would have many options.

He posed a question to Christine, asking if she believes she is good enough to win the competition among other ladies and whether she matches the class and expectations of the lecturer.