Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive
Image: KISS FM

On yesterday’s drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive the pair discussed early pregnancies and how parents react to it.

“That harsh father of yours, huyo mwenye anakaa simba, huyo mwenye alikuambia ukipata mtoto kabla hujamaliza campus eeh, viti wewe pata mimba usiogope. No you know I know so many ladies who have gotten pregnant at a young age and then they start thinking of procuring abortions,” Xclusive said.


“Because of the fear that has been installed, imeekwa pale na mzazi especially the father, mothers will always love you, wewe na hiyo mimba yako okay, 90% kuna wale utafukuzwa enda na huyo mtoto wako but many times huyo mzazi huyo mkali na atakuwa mkali during the pregnancy but the moment this child is born wewe mwenyewe utashanga.”

According to Xclusive once you have given birth that very harsh parent will embrace you and your baby fully.

“Have those babies,” Xclusive said.


“Not encouraging you to just have babies, tafadhali kuwa na disclaimer, is if you are currently pregnant okay, usiogope watayeyuka wanajifanya wagumu,” Mwalimu Rachel said.

According to Xclusive that harsh parent will be playing with your baby until you wonder if it is actually the same person who was chasing you away.

“However for the moment stay in school, fanya kazi, kuwa a single lady as much as you can then later on you can have babies. Mimi nakushoo enjoy pesa yako kabla mtoi aingie in the picture wooi! Freedom yako gone,” Mwalimu Rachel said.

“Mimi hapa nahangaika, kesho am over here stressing myself so that I can take my child for a movie, bro mimi sina baby sitter wangu ni kukuja na kuenda.”

In response to what Mwalimu Rachel said, Xclusive said that Mwalimu Rachel’s kid is old enough to be left home alone so there is no need for a babysitter which Mwalimu Rachel disagreed with.