Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today’s morning show Kwambox and Kerry Martin, they tackled the topic of going on blind dates.

“You know what I actually don’t mind going on a blind date, I think that is the actual answer of mimi kupata mtu hii Nairobi, nimejaribu manzee hii the conventional means ati friends referring me, my friends ain’t like that,” Kerry said.

Kwambox went on and said the only challenge is that your friend's taste might not be your taste unless they match your preferences into the kind of girl you like.

Also, she said they might also save the good girls for themselves and they leave the rest to him.

‘Ati unaambiwa ukuje you third wheel, never ever, no third-wheeling, no second date like me am going on a date with let’s say Ashley, and then Ashley has a housemate who also needs to go out then I go on and call my boy ati kuja twende double date, huyo msee anapatanga hio date ya pili haikuwangi date fiti,” Kerry said.

“Unakuanga umesetiwa up.”

“Let me flip it to Ashley’s, you know the girl that Ashley has picked to be her wing man she is just doing for, huyo chali mwenye analetwa unafikiri yeye ameiva, we are here for Ashley, let’s stay focused,” Kwambox said.

Kerry then wrapped it all by saying the moral of the story is never take one for the team.