Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive
Image: KISS FM

On the Drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, they discussed how it feels to date a younger person.

“I don’t know why for some reason the young men just flock to my DM or they are the ones who are very brave and they are very aggressive,” Mwalimu Rachel said.

According to Mwalimu Rachel being hit on by young men is so attractive to her due to their bravery and aggressiveness.

Xclusive went on and said in Nairobi everyone has a story and they will narrate their story as the audience narrates their story too.

“Mwalimu you know I dated this young girl at that time nilikuwa I think I was around 25 or 26 years and this young lady ndo alikuwa ameingia campus alikuwa first year now hiyo age gap ya like five, six years sio kubwa,” Xclusive said.

In response, Mwalimu Rachel said that the young girl was still the gathering she was eating while in high school.

“Huyo hata alikuwa ananuka githeri ya high school,” Mwalimu Rachel said hilariously.

Xclusive then came to her defense and said that the girl was already 18 years so she was a mature person.

“So nilikuwa na date huyu msichana and she was very nice and unfortunately kulikuwa complicated, dating a younger person is hard let’s be honest, this lady tulikosana nikaona hapa ivi it is not going to work because listen you are just in first year,” Xclusive explained.

“So you went on and broke up with her,” Mwalimu Rachel asked Xclusive.

In response, Xclusive said that after breaking up with the girl, the girl sent her brothers to him to negotiate with him so that they get back together, and if he refused they beat him up.

“Walikuwa brothers watatu and the funniest thing is, all of them are younger than me actually wawili were older than her alafu kuna mmoja ambaye was 18 years so yeye ndo third born so last born and the firstborn wametumwa,” Xclusive explained.

Mwalimu Rachel went on and said that is why she needs brothers in her life because men are joking her a lot.

“Ningekuwa na brothers mkubwa mimi kuna mtu angekuwa amekula ngumi kwa sababu yangu,” Mwalimu Rachel said.

“Older women wangekubali tu hio loose waende, this young girls mtu anakuitia mandugu ni kama mko high school,” Xclusive said.