Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today’s morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, the pair discussed the appropriate age to move out from home after receiving a voice note from a man complaining about his stepfather pressuring him to leave.

"So I have an issue with my stepdad, he's really giving me a hard time. He's behaving like he's trying to push me out of this house, insisting that I should go and start my own life, which isn't pleasant for me," the man said.

"It's like he's forcing me, using force. The problem is that I brought a girl over the other day, and since we live together, he saw this and now he's saying I should leave and start my life elsewhere, which I'm not okay with because it's making me angry. He's not even my real dad; he's just my stepdad living with my mom."

The man, aged 34, expressed that he isn't prepared to move out and has nowhere else to go.

Kerry then advised the man to stay at his parents' house, considering the tough economic times where people are living in survival mode.

"Just stay home and enjoy your money, rent is free," Kerry suggested.