Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today’s morning show with Kwanbox and Kerry the two tackled the topic of how people no longer fear tear gas based on how things were in yesterday’s demonstrations.

“Millenials the young ones started with their chest because you are wondering what that is jana kulikuwa na maandamano,” Kwambox said.


“So I was catching up with things online because I didn’t go for the protest but now, I could just see that it was just Gen Z and that is a fact,” Kerry said.

According to Kwambox from yesterday’s protests, she discovered that Kenyans no longer fear tear gas.

“No I have to say this,so that I just get it off my chest okay, yesterday I discovered Kenyans hawaogopi tear gas or tear gas doesn’t hurt them ama wakenya wamezoea machozi even if you induce them they are just like bro machozi ziliisha because as the protest washapenning you know there were people of course there was police who showed up with tear gas,” Kwambox said.


“The protestors were peaceful and am now leaking information, but and then there was the of Kenyans who were passing along the streets and running their businesses just going on with a normal day and then let us imagine it’s here the then tear gas are thrown, people disperse a few moments later no body is even hurting their eyes or rubbing their eyes.”

Kwambox went on and asked when did people become this hardcore.

In response, Kerry said people are that way due to excessive use of shisha and vape.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was even stopping and asking guys kwani huogopi tear gas and they were like hii brand yao haikuwangi conk, so considering nilikula tear gas kaa nne there was one I was even interviewing someone with my eyes closed but the people am interviewing they have their eyes open they are like you know what happened and am like kumbe ni mimi pekee sijazoea tear gas,” Kwambox said.

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