Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On yesterday’s drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive spoke about how people peacefully demonstrated yesterday.

“Our police to not use excessive force because there was report from the protesters demonstrators that they were using rubber bullets totally unnecessary, by the way if you go there you will see people are unarmed from where we were standing and nobody is bothering civilians or throwing stone, in fact there were no stones,” Mwalimu Rachel said.


According to Xclusive, he was driving his car while people were running and no stones were thrown at his car.

“There no stones been thrown, unless things have changed in the few minutes that you know what we are from location, let us maintain peace, let us not destroy our shops, our cars but also for the police don’t agrevate the protestants they are there with pluck cards and their voices that is all they have,” Rachel said.

“It is good that pia wewe uko kazi but I know deep down probably they are feeling what we are feeling but you know wako kazi and they have to protect their jobs so by the end of the day apana finyilia sana, shika watu weka kwa gari ni sawa.”


“Shisha ni lazima, shisha lazima watu wakule,” Xclusive said.