Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On yesterday’s drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive engaged in a conversation about how ladies are so vocal on social media concerning matters of heart break.

“I have a question and I really want to talk mainly to the ladies okay and I know Mwalimu you are not known for this but sometimes ad I feel like many ladies when you are in a relationship okay mumetuambia venye mumekuwa munapendana then munaachana,” Xclusive said.


“Why is it that the females are the ones who are known sana kupost either crypticly or just to go all out and tell the reason why the other person is bad or why he didn’t work, mbona munakuanga na hio urge ya kuongea sana because many men when they break up with a woman anaeza weka post moja kwa Instagram alluta continue.”

According to Xclusive a man will only post once and move on with his life but ladies will go all over social media trying to show how bad the other person is.

“It is because we give more in the relationship Xclusive, we are the ones who honestly keep that relationship running, if it were left to you men relationship ya one year ingekuwa down after a month I swear, look at the investment we put in this relationships Xclusive,” Mwalimu Rachel said.


According to Mwalimu Rachel even men put effort in the relationship but not as much as ladies.

“We are not refusing the fact that you bring lovey dovey hapo ndani lakini nani ana initiate mpaka mambo ya date night na vitu kama hizo it is us, so it pains us,” Mwalimu Rachel told Xclusive.