Kwambox in studio
Image: Kiss

On today’s morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, Kwambox recounted what happened on Tuesday.

“I just saw people running. I heard the kaboom after—the kaboom had just happened where I was, and the question I asked myself was why I was alone in that space. Everyone else had already left. I had a delayed response, and when my response kicked in, my bag was open. When you look in that photo, my phone is on the ground, so I was about to leave,” Kwambox said.

“So I was about to leave, and I was like, ‘Am I leaving my phone? No.’ I stood and raised my hand in the air, then I took my time and ran, thinking, ‘Ah, they want to hit me with tear gas.’

I feel like someone caught the whole video, so if you’re sitting there going like, ‘Aii Kwambox, were you there to take slay queen photos?’ stop the bad vibes, manzee.”

Kerry then shared his opinion, saying it looked like Kwambox wanted to send the tear gas back to the police.

“Remind me to tell you about the guy who kept coming to tell me, ‘Kwambox kapow the police, kapow the tear gas.’ Aii guys, you trust me too much. Anyway, we posted the photo on socials,” Kwambox said.

Kerry went on to encourage listeners to tell Kwambox something about the photo on all their social media handles.