Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, they discussed some of the most absurd statements made by MPs about the Finance Bill.

"Yesterday I saw a few things that ziliniboo (annoyed me), what did you see yenye ilikuboo (annoyed you)?" Kwambox asked Kerry.

"There is a story about Mbeere North Member of Parliament Geoffrey Ruku introducing a bill in parliament that proposes a one-year jail term and a hundred thousand shilling fine, or both, for Kenyans who protest without valid permits," Kerry responded.

Kerry stressed that everyone has a right to protest and no one should be jailed for fighting for their rights.

"Kitu ingine iliniboo (another thing that annoyed me): 'One of the girls I pay fees for was in the street. She had written a message to me the previous day, saying it was about taxation on motor vehicles and bread. I asked her, why are you in the streets?'" an MP said in parliament.

"Honorable Speaker, I have just shared the video with CPA bandy. The girl told me that she was not in the street concerning the bill, but she was doing TikTok.

She was singing very nicely and said she was there to get views. She said she couldn’t find the stones because the communities that provide stones were missing in action, so she was wondering where the stones were."

After listening to the audio, Kwambox commented that the MP said a lot of wrong things and should come out more clearly to explain what she meant by "the community that provides stones."

"At the end of the day, I just want to commend everyone that has been on the streets protesting.

Aside from the one I attended about ending femicide, this has been the most peaceful protest from the protesters," Kwambox said.

She added that, in her opinion, the police are the ones causing chaos on the streets.