Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On yesterday’s drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, the pair discussed Alfred Mutua’s controversial speech in which he blamed Kenyans for the bloodshed during Tuesday's protests.

"Explosion of a tear gas canister mkononi, anasema hiyo damu iko kwa the hands of protestants," Mwalimu Rachel quoted.

This statement was made by the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, Alfred Mutua, during a press briefing.

"If I were in a romantic relationship with Dr. Alfred Mutua, I'd say he has narcissistic behavior," Xclusive commented.

"We all saw what happened yesterday in the CBD, where many young Kenyans went to protest and have their voices heard regarding the finance bill. There is no video or evidence of any protestor attacking a policeman."

Xclusive mentioned he had seen videos of police chasing and beating protestors without valid reason.

"You cannot self-inflict an injury. It is very unfortunate for the police officer, but that was a self-inflicted injury from holding a tear gas canister intended for peaceful protestors.

That blood is not on us. If anyone asks, that blood is not mine," he said.

Mwalimu Rachel added that she believes police training is efficient enough to handle explosive materials safely, suggesting that the policeman could have better applied his training.

"Alfred Mutua said the protestors were violent, which is why the police had to throw tear gas canisters to disperse them," she said.