Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On a recent morning show with Kwambox and Kerry during the Hide My ID session, the two revealed a voice note from a man upset because his two best friends went on a road trip without inviting him.

He was particularly annoyed because he was the one who introduced them to each other.

Now, the two friends are having a falling out and want him to intervene to help them reconcile, but he refuses to do so.

"Kwambox and Kerry, hide my ID! Let me tell you about these ninjas who decided to go on a road trip to Naivasha without me. I am the one who connected those two friends, and they’re telling me they couldn't reach me. There was WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram—plenty of ways to reach me, but they didn’t,” the man ranted. “Now these guys are beefing and want me to sort it out. I rebuke that! This is how friendship rolls nowadays, but anyway, hide my ID.”

Kerry advised the man to let it go and leave the other two friends to sort out their issues, saying he didn’t see any problem with what they did.

“Lakini you have to admit that you understand where he is coming from,” Kwambox told Kerry.

“You have to accept where someone is coming from, right? So here you are with no friend, I introduce you to my friend because you’re my friend. Then the next thing I see is you guys on a road trip, and I didn’t even know. You know how it feels to be left out of something; it feels terrible! You even start asking yourself, 'Am I not fun enough to be invited?'”

Kwambox concluded that she wouldn’t help such friends reconcile since they excluded her and now want her help when things go wrong.

“When things were good, you should have included me and said, 'By the way, I’m having a good time with this friend of yours,' but since you decided it would be just you two, the problems are yours too,” Kwambox said.

Watch the clip below: