Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, the two asked protestors whether they would be inclined to help someone if their phone fell during the protest.

"Do you know somebody lost their phone during the Champions League finals, and the person who found the phone actually put it on their friend's shoulder, holding it up, and actively shouting, 'Did anyone lose their phone? Whose phone could this be?'" Kerry recounted.

"The owner of the phone eventually came forward, claimed it, unlocked it with Face ID, and everyone was relieved.

So, I actually feel like protests can be organized without destruction; there was no vandalism, and people were looking out for each other. If you lose your phone, you might just find it."

However, Kwambox disagreed with Kerry, suggesting that during Champions League events, there are usually capable people around, so the likelihood of someone holding onto a lost phone is low, unlike what might happen on Kenyan streets.