Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry discussed Pastor James Ng'ang'a's announcement about joining tomorrow's protest.

"Now there's a guy who has decided not to be left behind in these protests, and that's Pastor Ng'ang'a; you heard him at church yesterday," Kwambox said.

"I'm thinking about this other protest; I will also be there. When is it, Tuesday or tomorrow?

Yes, I will go to that protest. Come with tear gas and come hit me, I will go too. I can speak as a citizen as well, not just as a pastor.

You will see me there with a pot; just wait, you will see me there," Pastor Ng'ang'a told his congregation yesterday.

Kwambox mentioned that she didn't understand what "safuria" meant, so Kerry had to explain it to her.

"When you read a lot, sometimes if you're well educated, some Swahili words can trick you," Kerry explained.