Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On today's morning show with Kerry he talked about Githurai-45 killings that happened yesterday as a result of the protests.

"Residents of Githurai-45 in Nairobi got to experience killings, the reports are still coming in and as soon as we get credible information about what was actually going on we will definitely make sure we convey it for you," Kerry said.

"But right now the message this morning 26th June 2024 I feel like today it is going to go down in history, yesterday is going to go down in history and am just sending out healing energy to every single person."

Kerry went on and told the people of Githurai that all shall be well and the blood that was spilt will definitely get justice in the long ran.

Since the people who died yesterday, lost their life in the line of fighting for the freedom of this country and hence they are legends who will go down in the history of Kenya.