Mwalimu Rachel
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On the Drive Show, Mwalimu Rachel said she wishes that no such incident of protests would ever happen in the country since we have lost a lot of people.

“I'm just hoping that we will not see anything any time soon or ever for that matter in our country, I don't know whether there is a sign of relief now that also the president has said okay I will not sign this finance bill and I will not assent to it, are you feeling better now as a country people I wonder," Mwalimu Rachel said.

“ I wonder if yu are feeling like okay sasa tumeskizwa ama unaona bado."

Mwalimu Rachel went on and said that one Gen Z told them earlier that aside from the finance they are now talking about corruption.

“It looks like now it's not just about the finance bill, now it's about something else, I know a section of young people pale on social media yesterday from what I could see on the comments were not very pleased with the president's speech last night and now they are saying they have been labelled as criminals," Mwalimu Rachel said.

“Sasa hizi ndo gani, hawajafurahia sana, sijui kutaenda aje lakini ata Mimi naotea hii address, the president is supposed to address the nation soon from what I could see earlier and maybe from there we will know the way forward haswa mambo vile yataendelea."

Mwalimu Rachel then said she is praying for peace since we all want our country safe when all these things are said and done.

“Tunataka bado inchi yetu isimame imara, so sisi bado tuendele kumaintain peace na tunaomba bado our security agencies bado wafanye the same yani wasinde na excessive force," Mwalimu Rachel said.

“Wamama wamelia sana sijui kama umeza kuona, there some of this videos that have come out from Githurai and other parts of the country of women crying for their children and saying this is not it, aah my heart goes out to the family and friends of those who died."