Khalif Kairo

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry they engaged in a conversation with Khalif Kairo where he disclosed his stand as of today concerning the Finance Bill protests.

"What is your stand today?" Kwambox asked Kairo.

"My stand today is that, you know you need to set a goal and some of this things need strategy, there is a very good reason why militaries have clear structures, that is why you hear when a general dies their is no vacuum, someone else has to take over," Khalif said.

"When people go to war there clear doctrines, each military of every country has there own way to call an operational doctrine what they believe in so my advice to young people is you know despite the fact that people are saying that this thing is leaderless, their is nobody in charge, I feel if we want to achieve some very tangible gains this movement needs to have some sought of formality in it."

Khalif then went further and said people will take their stands as he did and will get attacked for it but at the end of the day he is just like any other protester who went out on the streets to fight for their rights.

"Am one little piece in a very big equation, I believe people should have clear objectives and strategies and we need to know where we are going with this thing, otherwise it risks getting hijacked, people will go to the streets kill, steal and destroy stuff and say no we are part of the gen z movement," Kairo said.