Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry they joined hands and condoled with those people who lost their loved ones in Rongai yesterday.

"What is happening right, I want to send a special shout out to people from Rongai because the other day it was Githurai we went to sleep we were like what exactly is happening in Githurai, yesterday it was Rongai and the pictures, the images, the videos that are coming from Rongai are so heartbreaking, Kwambox said.

"Ooh yes they are and you know one thing I failed to understand is like how it gets to night time and then that is when all this videos and news comes out about what has been happening around the country," Kerry said.

Kwambox went on and said she saw a child who had been shot.

"Am still waiting for confirmed reports from Rongai because you remember even with Githurai their was what was being said in fact if I had gone with what is online I saw like about three hundred people had been killed," Kwambox said.

"But then the reports come out after the dust has settled is when you realize that was much more that was being announced on the internet compared to was actually happening on ground. If you are from Rongai call us up we would like to know what exactly transpired yesterday."

Kwambox the added by saying that through the video, photos and tweets that they are getting people are saying that things were so bad yesterday at Rongai.