Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, Kwambox narrated her experience of being hit on by a gen z during protests.

"This was last week Thursday actually and manzee this was right before nioshwe, i was just carry my towel to the shower hapo Nairobi county assembly hapo inje and then this guy I had seen him running up and down kumbe he had also seen me running up and down," Kwambox narrated.

"So the guy came to me and was like hey what's up I have been seeing you up and down and am like yeah bro hii ni story gani unataka kunichapia hapa kwa tear gas. So then he hands me his phone so am like do you want me to clean my eyes with it ama ninuse ndo teargas ishe ama what's happening and then he is like yeah give me your number."


Kwambox then went on and said how a tear gas was thrown at them while they were conversing but the guy didn't give up. Kwambox then said that if determination is a person then the guy won. Though Kwambox didn't give him her number.

"He was trying because let me tell you a lot of people are actually saying their is lot of beautiful ladies here, their is some cute guys and sometimes you know you got to holla, I usually say if it takes you more than three seconds for you to holla at somebody hapo achana nayo," Kerry said.

" You are going to mess it up and from my experience with tear gas it takes way more than three seconds from the blast iendee ianguke chini alafu smoke ianze kutoka alafu ipasuke it is more than three seconds so in between there unaeza holla, unaeza tupa malines azin your are the apple of my eye."


"Sa imagine mukiwa na mtoi unasema you know we met hapo june kwa streets and you know your mum was crying nikampatilia my maji hapo the next thing alikuja home na mimi," Kwambox said.