Ulilipwa? Kwambox questions Khalif Kairo on Kiss after being termed a traitor  

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, they interviewed Khalif Kairo and asked him whether he was paid to back down from the protests.

"Ulilipwa," Kwambox asked Kairo.

"You know today I slept at 3am editing a YouTube video for heaven sake if I was paid, kama ningekuwa nimelipwa I swear sai ningekuwa Monacco with a red Ferrari and like two Italian buddies, you know we have seen bad things," Kairo responded.

Kwambox then went on and asked Kairo why he changed his mind since it had raised a lot of questions among Kenyans. Many were referring to him as a traitor.

"We posted this morning alerting people you are coming and if they got any questions and a lot of them are around mbona alikuwa anajimwangia maji, trying to say that the videos of you on the street are all fake," Kwamvox said.

"It crazy, you know people don't realize how, sijui kama kuna mtu alimwagiwa maji ya GSU hapa, you know mimi all my items are pink even the ear pods, my power bank everything is pink and to this day my car still smells of tear gas cause that thing goes into very bad places that I wouldn't even mention on air," Kairo said.

"It goes to everywhere and the only relief you can get is actually pouring water on yourself ."

Kwambox then said she saw people trying to help Boniface Mwangi remove his trousers due to the vast effect of the GSU water, so she clearly understands what Kairo is saying.