Karen Nyamu

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, the two discussed Kotex distancing itself from Karen Nyamu's claim of partnering with them to provide free tampons in schools.

"Karen Nyamu, calling herself 'shawrie for tampons,' initially threw me off. I thought she was making light of gunshot victims, but she meant tampons," Kwambox remarked.

"Over the weekend, she announced a deal with Kotex to supply free tampons to schools," Kerry added.

"However, Kotex has come forward to clarify that they have no knowledge of any such agreement with her during this time."

Kerry stressed that Kotex stated clearly that there have been no discussions with Karen about partnering to provide tampons to schools.

Kwambox concluded by claiming that Karen belongs to the category of people who allegedly make false statements just to appease others.