Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry discussed a shocking confession where a man admitted to knowing that his girlfriend has having a fake Instagram account and flirting with him, unaware that he knows about her scheme. The situation is about to escalate.

"Hey Kwambox and Kerry, keep my identity hidden. I've got a funny story. Turns out, I discovered that my girlfriend has a secret Instagram account. She followed me with it and started hitting on me. Wow! So in this situation, I've decided to play along and flirt back," the boyfriend revealed.

"As we were chilling and having some shots and vibes, we got to the point where we're planning to go out sometime this week. I'm curious to see how this will play out; this game has got me hooked."

After hearing the voice note, Kwambox doubted the guy's love for his girlfriend, suggesting he should have confronted her to find out what was really going on instead of playing along.

However, Kerry argued that the guy loves his girlfriend and wants to teach her a lesson so she won't play such games again in their relationship.

"If you want to test loyalty, why not just be honest? When you enter a relationship, you should be open and honest from the start. Don't blindside yourself until you're hurt and need to heal. Maybe then, you won't get hurt," Kerry commented.

Kwambox then questioned what might have triggered the girlfriend to conduct such a loyalty test. Kerry suggested it could stem from her own insecurities.

Disagreeing with Kerry, Kwambox suggested that the guy might have done something to provoke the girlfriend's actions.