Kwambox & Kerry Martin

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry they talked about protesters who were live on Tiktok during demonstrations despite live bullets being fired in the air with police.

"Tuko parliament, tap tap the screen tuko bunge guys send lions. Tuko bunge guys tap tap the screen acha nilale chini I can't risk my life like that hizo ni live bullets lakini wanapiga juu, wameuwa watu watano but tuko parliament tumeangusha bendera achwni niwaoneshe guys," protesters were heard saying in the tiktok live.

Kwambox then explained further and said that at that particular moment the parliament walls were already down.

"Do you know what was happening in this video rhey had just stormed the wall and now she is on the ground since their cops shooting live bullets, but it's how she is focused reminding her audience to tap tap the screen tuma lion," Kwambox said.

"If guys didn't send this babe a lion I swear apana if you watched her  ontent you were on her live seeing her risk her life."

Kerry then went on and said that he hopes that they went back home safely. He then added and said that if the lady didn't have a job she should be given one since she is risking her life.

"Manzee yani amereport vitu zenye kina Mohammed Ali alishindwa," Kerry said.

Kwambox then congratulated all the Gen Zs who are acting as reporters and telling us what is specifically happening on the ground.