Kwambox & Kerry Martin

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry Martin, they talked about Gen Z protests which have been invaded by goons who are allegedly funded by politicians to cause chaos and break into people's businesses.

"Security agencies have been seeking grounds to arrest and prosecute individuals that they term individuals that they term have been sponsoring the protest.," Kwambox read a newspaper.

"Apparently the suspects are accused of mobilizing youths from slum areas and giving them cash handouts with instructions to infiltrate and turn violent the protest by largely peaceful and unarmed demonstrators and they are saying three politicians from Nairobi, two from Central, one from Rift Valley, a businessman from Rift Valley and two non-governmental organization, one local and one international are suspects."

According to Kwambox the Intelligence brief claims the individuals were providing logical support to the demonstrators including transport to the epi-centers and also bringing them to CBDs of major cities.

She went on further and said Nairobi politicians are accused of mobilizing and hiring goons from Kibera, Mathare, and Baba Dogo and another politician from Nairobi has held a series of meetings to plan the demonstrations according to the Intelligence services.

"Also under watch is a politician from Rift Valley is accused of holding meetings of youths in his house in Nairobi to oil the anti-government protests," Kwambox read.

"There is a special team of officers from NIS and DCI who have been trying to figure out what has been happening and according to the humanize watchdog they have recorded 36 abductions for interrogation, still no smoking gun."

Kwambox went on and explained this is a source talking about the intelligence leadership and there is a bit of misunderstanding between the National Police Service and National Intelligence Service who are not reading from the same script.

"And that is you find the IG may not be aware who is being held where said the source, it emerged the government was at see on how to handle the demonstrations as they seemed not to have a face of formal leadership," Kwambox said.