Kerry Martin and Kwambox

On today's morning show with Kwambox, she talked about the hijacked Gen Z protests which are no longer about the finance bill but other mischievous agendas.

"This is not the original protest that was happening right, what I saw on Tuesday niliona mavegi  in different parts like today I read the paper and 24 people had been admitted with gunshot wounds in Kitengela that's from the incident that happened on Tuesday evening," Kwambox said.

"Where there was pandemonium and goons suspected to have been ferried from elsewhere turned the anti-tax protest into a looting spree in different towns you saw the looting, the robbing, I saw a video of a guy who was walking down Valley Road and their was this crew of outriders walikuwa three by three manzee."

Kwambox then went on and said that the outriders had ill intentions since they stopped where the guy was and one of them alighted and another one did the same and immediately the pounced on the innocent guy and stole his bags.