Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, they talked about how people need to cut on costs of certain things due to the hard economic times.

"Listen we are living in a time where we all have to tighten our pockets, madam I saw you walking from Mirema to town and back wakati wa maandamano, mambo ya fare tumetoa kwa hesabu, don't ever say we are sending fare we are living in tough times," Xclusive told Mwalimu Rachel.

"Now you are just being stingy, we will go to men who can give us cab fare then," Mwalimu Rachel responded.

Xclusive then went on and told Mwalimu that even the MPs have decided they don't want their salaries to be increased so as to save the situation at hand.

"Even you as ladies you need to start looking at some of those things, hio nywele inaezakaa miezi mbili," Xclusive said.

Mwalimu Rachel disagreed with Xclusive's reasoning completely saying that ladies might go for a strike because they aren't given money to maintain their hair.

"Am just saying you know your natural nails are just as good, we need to have this conversation and I want you to tell me wewe mwenyewe ukiangalia budget yako ukweli ni nini unaona unaeza kata," Xclusive responded.

"I was thinking about it actually the other day we will come back I will tell you some of the changes am going to try to implement so I reduce on my oppulents," Mwalimu Rachel said.

Xclusive then supported her and said she needed to do that immediately.

"Mimi kenye naeza toa unajua nimekuwa nichapa mali yangu safi na lighter ya bic sasa leo naona nikitumia ile kibiriti ya farasi,"  a fan said in a call.

"Ndugu imefika hapo kibiriti sasa, utoke hapo kwa malighter," Mwalimu asked the fan.

"Mimi nimetoka hapo kwa malighter imenikalia chapo," the fan responded.

Then Mwalimu Rachel thanked him for calling.