Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the drive show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive, they talked about how Kenyans have unmatched freedom of speech compared to other countries.

"To talk to my Tanzanian brothers and sisters wa Uganda pia tuliwaongelesha you are not like us, nataka watanzania wajue tu we are not the same," Xclusive said.

"Today am dawned in nice Ugandan colors so this are my brothers and sisters you are trying to address," Mwalimu Rachel said.

Xclusive then went on and explained how Ugandans reacted to Kenya's protests about the Finance Bill saying they should also emulate the same in their country.

"First of all maybe your constitutions are different the rights that you guys have are very different, Tanzania nimeona and this happened juzi tu hii wiki imepita that one Shadrack Chaula a 24-year-old artist who is known for his painting skills was arrested after recording a video in which he verbally attacked the president Samia Suluhu and her son and subsequently burnt the image depicting her," Xclusive explained.

"Unaona hii munachukua picha ya mtu munachoma."

"Kitu ndogo kama hio, nilikuwa nangoja uniambie kesi kubwa, kitu ndogo kama hio," Mwalimu Rachel said.

Xclusive went further and explained why he said they are not like us because the freedom of expression granted to Kenyans is overboard and there is no country with such kind of freedom.

"Hata mimi kusema ukweli naonanga watu wanasema vitu nasema kwani hamwogopi, so this happened in Tanzania mtu aliamua kuenda online anatoa frustrations zake alikuwa na picha akaichoma, huku niliona watu wanatoa billboards and am not saying it is right but the democratic space that we are in many countries are actually envious and they look up and they are like gai," Xclusive said.

'Honestly, the freedom of speech that we enjoy here is envied by many across the African continent something we can never take for granted that is why we are very jealous tuseme we are very active in protecting this freedom that we enjoy in our country we do not play around when it comes to freedom of expression, speech, and even broadcasting," Mwalimu Rachel said.

"It is good to say you are not like us."

Xclusive said that the way Kenyans hang on police cars, Ugandans cannot dare do such a thing.