Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive

On the Drive Show with Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive they had a conversation about what ladies find as a turn off in a man.

"Very important us as the ladies what are some of those things that men will either do, like huyu bado hajakoma," Mwalimu Rachel asked.

"Mimi sielewi bado venye mimi kupenda ice cream na kulamba corn hio ni practice Mwalimu," Xclusive responded.

Mwalimu Rachel then went on and advised Xclusive to buy the ice cream packed in a container and leave out the corn one.

"Ama kama utakula hio ya corn jifungie kwa nyumba tusione, chuna kama ndizi, jifungie kwa nyumba, Berryl I don't know about lets hear what you have to say," Mwalimu Rachel said.

"Mwalimu Rachel mimi nachukia mwanaume anasusu kando ya barabara, yuck as if wewe ni mbwa," Berryl said.

Berryl's statement left Mwalimu Rachel and Xclusive cracking their ribs so hard since they didn't expect such a statement.

Mwalimu Rachel then backed Berryl up by saying that she is very right.