Kwambox and Kerry Martin

On today's morning show with Kwambox and Kerry, they talked about the anticipated meeting of Gen Z and the President later today on the X-Space.

"Today the President has called for a space right, he has said come let us dialogue and of course being as it is on socials the target is young people GenZ and millennials, this happening from 2pm to 5pm today," Kwambox said.

"Am kinda glad that he held his promise because mimi nilikuwa nafikira atasema due unavoidable circumstances am not going to show up."

According to Kerry, he doesn't want the President to address everybody as if all of them are farmers since there are important things that are way more important than agriculture at the moment.

"What do you mean kama wakulima?" Kwambox asked.

"Fertilizer subsidies, sikuli fertilizer," Kerry responded.

Kwambox then told him that he would not be eating if it wasn't for that fertilizer being used to boost the growth of food.

"But my fear is I asked guys if they are going to attend let me just read you the results in a poll, yooh I told guys today the President is engaging us on Spaces are you attending, let me just read you the results here," Kwambox said.

"26% said I can't wait,8% said am not on X bro, 6% said am not from Kenya but am with you then 60% said am not wasting my time let it all burn, I don't want to read for you the comments because there over 1900 comments and guys are crazy."

'me I also don't want there to be double standards, tumeona so many times MPs wakienda retreats, bench marking trips ni sawa, You know like right now he said he is going to cut costs of everything so from now onwards nataka kuona retreats za MPs zikifanywa online kwa zoom ama wafanye Spaces," Kerry said.

Kwambox added; "All I will say is Bwana President jitayarishe masikio,"