Kwambox & Kerry Martin

On today's morning show, Kwambox and Kerry spoke about a heartfelt confession from a fan who shared his unfortunate experience dating a Kenyan lady.

"I'm from the UK, and I first came to Kenya in 1991 while working with the UN. I have a big problem now. Years ago, I met a lady and we became best friends. Last summer, she introduced me to another lady, and we started a relationship," the man revealed.

"In September last year, I proposed to marry her, and she accepted. We planned to build a house, so I started sending money for construction. She sent me pictures of the ongoing construction.

Just a month ago, I discovered that the entire relationship was a scam. She deceived me, and all the money I sent was lost.

Now I'm homeless, broke, and uncertain about my future in Kenya or the UK," he continued, pleading for assistance from well-wishers.

Kwambox empathized, highlighting the need for compassion towards older individuals facing such challenges.

"Imagine this is your grandfather. Now he's here, and someone took all his money. Where does he go from here?" Kwambox questioned.

"It's heartbreaking. That girl didn't see him as a grandfather; she just saw him as a bank. It's sad for the guy because he fell in love with someone who was only interested in money, and that's not fair," Kerry responded sympathetically.